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My Inconvenient Hours

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10 November
From "On Desire"

Thou haunt'st my inconvenient hours;
The business of the day, nor silence of the night,
That should to cares and sleep invite,
Can bid defiance to thy conquering powers.

Aphra Behn, 1688.

That's where the current name for my LJ comes from. It made me think of my wife K, who haunts me all the time, luckily. She's Japanese, btw, so if when I quote her it sounds a little off, that's why. She's def. a little off. Plus her native language ain't English.

I'm a writer and an editor (though you wouldn't know it from my long rambly posts...I get tired of cutting everything down to the quick at work, so I don't do it so much here, sorry).

Anyhow, I'll probably write a lot about music, movies, and books, and especially the stuff I'm reading for a book I've been thinking about, set during the English Restoration. So if you see a bunch of Rochester, Buckingham, Behn, Etheridge, Sedley, and so on, that's why.

Sometimes I write a stuff that might be a little risque, I guess. I'll try to warn people, or put it in an LJ cut, mostly. But if you're easily offended, well...sorry. Deal. Or not.

Update: due to rising paranoia and the fact that I'm meeting more and more LJers in real life who know people who I work with and so on, more and more of this LJ will be friends only. If you want to read the whole journal, you'll have to be a friend. Drop me a note, or just friend me, and I'll probably friend you back.

PS: Some of the stuff I'm actually writing, like my NaNo stuff, is friends only, just because. If you're interested, ask me; I'll probably add you.

PPS: All my posts and so on are copyright by me, Sean Carroll. If you steal my writing, I'll cut your fucking head off. I'm serious. You think I'm not serious? I'm serious. I'll do it, too. Oh, and I don't grant permission for anyone to reprint anything I've written, in any way, or in any medium.

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