Starbuck on 24

Kateeeee Sackhoff will be a series regular in 24 s8, which starts airing in Jan 2010. Sweet! Also, it's going to be set in NY! I wonder if it's going to shoot in NY at all?


A recent poll showed that 71% of Republicans would likely vote for Palin if she ran for president in 2012.

I know, we're supposed to be a nation that respects different viewpoints even when we disagree, but, holy crap. That is all kinds of stupid. And depressing.

NH Legalizes Gay Marriage!

Traditionally conservative New Hampshire today became the sixth state in the nation to legalize gay marriage, after a bill was enacted by both the state House and Senate and then signed by Governor John Lynch.

"Today we're standing up for the liberties of same-sex couples by making clear they will receive the same rights, responsibilities and respect under New Hampshire law," Lynch said before signing the bill at about 5:20 p.m.

Lynch said it was a New Hampshire tradition "to come down on the side of individual liberties and protections and that tradition continues today."

Live Free or Die, baby!

New Hampshire's legislature approved Gay Marriage, and the Governor is expected to sign it today. How about that; my state is more progressive than NY or CA. Huh. Maine, CT, Mass, Vermont, and now (hopefully) NH--New England turns out to be the center of progressive thought. Who'd have thought?

Supernatural/The Wire

Finished up Season 1 of Supernatural last night, two episodes to go in Season 1 of the Wire.

We'll definitely be watching S2 of the Wire. Good writing and acting on that show, even if I'm not generally interested in plain old cop procedural shows.

Supernatural is like the slip side of the coin. Mediocre writing and acting can make me say "eh" about a show even if I'm predisposed to like the subject matter.

Can anyone tell me, does Supernatural get better in S2? It got a bit better at the end of S1--does that upswing continue?
17th Century

Middleton's Women Beware Women

So, I'm going to see this on the second to last day, at the Red Bull Theater, but going alone, as my usual suspects are all MIA (or just plain punks). There are still some great seats left for the 2 PM Saturday performance--that's the one I'm going to. I'm sitting in the damned front row, in the premium section. Tickets aren't cheap at $75 bucks, but this is the year of the 17th century for me, so I figured I'd better go. Anyhow, if anyone wants to join me, cool. I'm going to be in seat A8.

Thanks to everyone who posted about this play, and wrote to tell me it was on. I'm really excited to see it.

Fair Maid of the West

Finished Thomas Heywood's Fair Maid of the West or A Girl Worth Gold on Saturday. This is a fun, silly play with lots of duels, disguises, sea battles, a breeches part, the King of Fez, etc. It must be incredibly exciting to see on stage--my mom saw it with Sean Bean in it, and said it was the most fun she ever had at the theater. My only complaint is that it seems extremely short--there's just not enough of the sorts of things that make breeches-part plays so fun--seems like it could be over in an hour or so. If I was going to stage it, I'd pad out the adventure sections, for sure.

On the other hand, I've only read part 1; that's all that my collection of Heywood plays includes. Apparently part 2 is far less fun. Bess Bridges (the titular character) doesn't have much to do--she's more passive than she is in this earlier section. I'll definitely read Part 2 when I get a chance, but I'm in no great hurry. It's not so terrible that I'm not reading them together; contemporary audiences had to wait as much as 30 years for Heywood to get to the second part. Maybe he decided, like I did, that the first Part felt a little skimpy on its own.

This, like the last play I read, The Plain Dealer, is another "virtue tested" play, where a woman's suitor consciously puts her in a position of temptation to see if she can remain loyal to him. It's far less mean spirited here than in The Plain Dealer. I guess that's partly a function of the changing tastes--the ebullience of the Elizabethan era (Fair Maid was performed as early as 1597-1603--Queen Elizabeth was probably still alive) versus the cynicism of the Restoration (The Plain Dealer was first performed in 1676). I vastly prefer Fair Maid, though it's hard to deny that The Plain Dealer is in many ways more sophisticated, if less successful.

New Doctor Who for 2010

There's a new Doctor Who in town. Or, there will be. Hopefully he'll look less dorky by the time they start making new episodes in 2010. Maybe getting rid of his Thompson Twins haircut will help. He seems awfully young: 24!