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I've been busy...

A little gaming, a cold, the gym when not sick, and a lot of freelancing. Most of the freelancing is pretty boring (techie stuff) but a couple of the things are pretty cool--at least, to me.

One very cool thing: I edited a new supplement for Colonial Gothic by Graeme Davis. If you're an RPG geek, that's a pretty cool name: he was one of the main writer/developers for the first edition Warhammer FRPG, and he's been a big name in the gaming industry ever since. He's now the line developer for CG, so I'll be editing a lot of his stuff, I hope.

The other is that I finally got off my ass and reviewed something for RPG.net.

My first review is of HeroQuest (which I really like). You can read my review here. Feedback would be much appreciated (positive or negative).

I'm currently plowing through the Sartar book--it's long, at 378 pages. That's my next review.

I've pretty much decided that my much-mooted game will use Moon Design's HQ license, so I'm paying much more attention to the mechanics of HQ in Sartar than I might otherwise. Not that the their gameworld (Glorantha) is anything like mine (Albion--17th century nearly England). But, still, cool to see the rules in action...

Hope you've all been well. I plan to be around here more, again.

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