Apocalypso (seanmoon) wrote,

Radio City Music Hall=Suck/1RM Famine

Went with mom and dad to rcmh to see the Rockettes. The tickets weren't at willcall, and the people at the window basically said "nothing we can do." When my mom pointed out that she and my dad were sr citizens who'd come all the way from florida, and my dad was waiting outside in his wheelchair, the guy just shrugged and said "you can talk to that guy." That guy turned out to be a bouncer, more or less. He just shrugged and said "call guest services." Of course, guest services is closed on Saturdays.

So we went early to the restaurant we'd been planning to go to. And it was closed, because it closes from 3:30-5:00 to prepare for dinner. So we went home

So, screw you, Radio City Music Hall. I guess I'm going to write something up to go somewhere, once I see how the get-your-money-back part goes.

Did 1 Rep Max type training today with trainer--deadlifts, walking lunges with barbells on back, chinups, and back extensions. Holy crap, that was hard and fun. I can't remember ever being this hungry, though. My metabolism must be through the roof. I ate Kashi Golean and blueberries for breakfast, had a blueberry, banana, glutamine and whey protein shake after working out, ate my wild rice, kinpira and salmon lunch at 11, and have now finished a chicken breast sandwich, too, and it's not even two yet. And I'm still starving. Maybe I'm thirsty, too? I've drunk a ton of water, though. I have almonds and a power bar in my bag, but I was hoping to save those until a little later.

Holy crap, I'm starving!

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