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Apocalypso [userpic]

Ellen Kushner at the Rubin Friday night--Introducing Vampyr

November 18th, 2009 (04:04 pm)

Anyone wanna go?

The Red Book Series: Vampyr

Friday, 11/20
9:30 p.m.
Free with a $7 bar minimum

Ellen Kushner introduces Vampyr
Carl Theodor Dreyer, France/Germany, 1932 (73 min)

A student of the occult enters a small village outside of Paris that is plagued by vampires. Dreyer's film combines gorgeous cinematography and complex characters that never allow the audience to stop thinking.

Novelist, performer and public radio personality Ellen Kushner is the host and writer of the national series PRI's Sound & Spirit. Her award-winning novels include the mannerpunk cult classic Swordspoint and Thomas the Rhymer (World Fantasy Award). She is a co-founder of the Interstitial Arts Foundation and lives in New York City.

Inspired by the exhibition The Red Book of C. G. Jung, the Red Book series presents classic films that explore Jungian themes, including the various archetypes and the exploration of the self through fantasy.

Members may reserve seats in advance.