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5 Things: Ranty Toward the End

1) No more Lou Dobbs on CNN. Very cool. Now if we can just get him to quit his radio show, too...

2) My sister is going home today. My folks will be here for a while longer.

3) Worked all day yesterday on the edits to the Colonial Gothic Plymouth setting book. Phew. I already have the next project; it's about 30K words worth of setting stuff. Luckily it's split into like 20 smallish chapters. I'm going to ration them out over the next month or two so I don't have to do a marathon like I did this time. Also, it's not due until Feb. I'd like to finish earlier though; I think if I do they'll find me something else to do.

4) Growing increasingly annoyed by what I read about the shooting at Fort Hood. Basically from what I can tell (which is little and may be wrong), the people who should have known better did know better. But, because his irrationality was intertwined with his religion, they did nothing. I'm sorry, what? He subscribed to a magical, illogical system of belief, and therefore he got a pass when it came to acting highly irrational? I think there's a flaw in that kind of thinking. The same kind of flaw in this kind of thinking: my organization doesn't believe in science and logic, and therefore we shouldn't have to pay taxes--and, by the way, we will pay out vast amounts of this untaxed money to influence public policy, such as discriminating against people who like to rub slippery bits with people we think they shouldn't. Religion: fucking up the world since Adam rode a dinosaur.

5) I told my dad this weekend re: the Catholic Church pay millions of dollars to defeat the gay marriage thing in Maine that I thought his religion was not only actively harmful to the world, but actually evil, and that if wanted to belong and retain my respect, he really couldn't just be a passive believer anymore, but would have to actually become an activist within his church.

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