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Apocalypso [userpic]

Eating less or throwing up more?

November 5th, 2009 (12:58 pm)

"So, have you been eating less or throwing up more? You look a little leaner."

My trainer to me, in re: the fact that last time we had a session with him, I had to quit halfway through to go throw up, a lot. I think that caused him to catch on to the fact that I could maybe use some VO2 max work, because today we did a ridiculous medley he called "bears." In one continuous set: 20 back squats, 12 overhead presses, 12 rear deadlifts, and 12 standing rows. Oof. We did three sets of this, and then some back extension stuff on the slant board.

Once again, I felt as though I might hurl, but I didn't say anything and stuck it out. It took me about 45 minutes after we finished to not feel like ass, but now I feel good, and sore, and virtuous. Must be more faithful. K was eying the gym's extended plans today, so I know she's on board. Like: buy a 100 pack of training and get your next year's membership for free kind of plans. How we'd pay is beyond me, but...

Oh, and PS, I don't think I'm actually leaner--he was just saying that to make the joke, boo!