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I've been busy...

A little gaming, a cold, the gym when not sick, and a lot of freelancing. Most of the freelancing is pretty boring (techie stuff) but a couple of the things are pretty cool--at least, to me.

One very cool thing: I edited a new supplement for Colonial Gothic by Graeme Davis. If you're an RPG geek, that's a pretty cool name: he was one of the main writer/developers for the first edition Warhammer FRPG, and he's been a big name in the gaming industry ever since. He's now the line developer for CG, so I'll be editing a lot of his stuff, I hope.

The other is that I finally got off my ass and reviewed something for

My first review is of HeroQuest (which I really like). You can read my review here. Feedback would be much appreciated (positive or negative).

I'm currently plowing through the Sartar book--it's long, at 378 pages. That's my next review.

I've pretty much decided that my much-mooted game will use Moon Design's HQ license, so I'm paying much more attention to the mechanics of HQ in Sartar than I might otherwise. Not that the their gameworld (Glorantha) is anything like mine (Albion--17th century nearly England). But, still, cool to see the rules in action...

Hope you've all been well. I plan to be around here more, again.

Buckingham Score!

I just got this book, $450 for the 1300 page, two volume set on Amazon, for $40, including shipping.

Plays, Poems, and Miscellaneous Writings associated with George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham: Two-volume Set

Product Description
"George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham (1628-1687) was one of the most scandalous and controversial figures of the Restoration period. He was the principal author of The Rehearsal (1671), an enormously successful burlesque play that ridiculed John Dryden and the rhymed heroic drama. Historians remember Buckingham as an opponent who helped topple Clarendon from power in 1667, as a member of the "Cabal" government in the early 1670s, and as an ally of the Earl of Shaftesbury in the political crisis of 1678-1683. The duke was prominent among the "court wits" (Rochester, Etherege, Sedley, Dorset, Wycherley, and their circle); he was closely associated with such writers as Butler and Cowley; he was a conspicuous champion of religious toleration and a friend of William Penn. No edition of Buckingham has been published since 1775, partly because his work presents horrendous attribution problems. He was (probably) adapter or co-author of six plays (two of them vastly successful for more than a century) including one in French that appears here in English for the first time. He is also associated with nine topical pieces (variously political, religious, and satiric) and some twenty poems of wildly varying type. The "Buckingham" commonplace book has previously been published only in fragmentary form. Almost all of these works present major difficulties in both attribution and annotation, here seriously addressed for the first time. This edition is a companion venture to Harold Love's important edition of Rochester."

I'd love to get the Rochester book but that the cheapest I can find that one for is 230ish. I'll keep looking!

Doing a lot of restoration reading and writing lately.

Radio City Music Hall=Suck/1RM Famine

Went with mom and dad to rcmh to see the Rockettes. The tickets weren't at willcall, and the people at the window basically said "nothing we can do." When my mom pointed out that she and my dad were sr citizens who'd come all the way from florida, and my dad was waiting outside in his wheelchair, the guy just shrugged and said "you can talk to that guy." That guy turned out to be a bouncer, more or less. He just shrugged and said "call guest services." Of course, guest services is closed on Saturdays.

So we went early to the restaurant we'd been planning to go to. And it was closed, because it closes from 3:30-5:00 to prepare for dinner. So we went home

So, screw you, Radio City Music Hall. I guess I'm going to write something up to go somewhere, once I see how the get-your-money-back part goes.

Did 1 Rep Max type training today with trainer--deadlifts, walking lunges with barbells on back, chinups, and back extensions. Holy crap, that was hard and fun. I can't remember ever being this hungry, though. My metabolism must be through the roof. I ate Kashi Golean and blueberries for breakfast, had a blueberry, banana, glutamine and whey protein shake after working out, ate my wild rice, kinpira and salmon lunch at 11, and have now finished a chicken breast sandwich, too, and it's not even two yet. And I'm still starving. Maybe I'm thirsty, too? I've drunk a ton of water, though. I have almonds and a power bar in my bag, but I was hoping to save those until a little later.

Holy crap, I'm starving!

Ellen Kushner at the Rubin Friday night--Introducing Vampyr

Anyone wanna go?

The Red Book Series: Vampyr

Friday, 11/20
9:30 p.m.
Free with a $7 bar minimum

Ellen Kushner introduces Vampyr
Carl Theodor Dreyer, France/Germany, 1932 (73 min)

A student of the occult enters a small village outside of Paris that is plagued by vampires. Dreyer's film combines gorgeous cinematography and complex characters that never allow the audience to stop thinking.

Novelist, performer and public radio personality Ellen Kushner is the host and writer of the national series PRI's Sound & Spirit. Her award-winning novels include the mannerpunk cult classic Swordspoint and Thomas the Rhymer (World Fantasy Award). She is a co-founder of the Interstitial Arts Foundation and lives in New York City.

Inspired by the exhibition The Red Book of C. G. Jung, the Red Book series presents classic films that explore Jungian themes, including the various archetypes and the exploration of the self through fantasy.

Members may reserve seats in advance.
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Post Haste Hate

Grrrr. My Shadowrun 20th Anniversary book traveled 5 miles in 24 hours. It went from the Jersey City Post office to the Union City post office. That was the 6:54 am update, so I supposed it's possible that the package has since traveled the additional .3 miles to my house. But I doubt it.

5 Things: Ranty Toward the End

1) No more Lou Dobbs on CNN. Very cool. Now if we can just get him to quit his radio show, too...

2) My sister is going home today. My folks will be here for a while longer.

3) Worked all day yesterday on the edits to the Colonial Gothic Plymouth setting book. Phew. I already have the next project; it's about 30K words worth of setting stuff. Luckily it's split into like 20 smallish chapters. I'm going to ration them out over the next month or two so I don't have to do a marathon like I did this time. Also, it's not due until Feb. I'd like to finish earlier though; I think if I do they'll find me something else to do.

4) Growing increasingly annoyed by what I read about the shooting at Fort Hood. Basically from what I can tell (which is little and may be wrong), the people who should have known better did know better. But, because his irrationality was intertwined with his religion, they did nothing. I'm sorry, what? He subscribed to a magical, illogical system of belief, and therefore he got a pass when it came to acting highly irrational? I think there's a flaw in that kind of thinking. The same kind of flaw in this kind of thinking: my organization doesn't believe in science and logic, and therefore we shouldn't have to pay taxes--and, by the way, we will pay out vast amounts of this untaxed money to influence public policy, such as discriminating against people who like to rub slippery bits with people we think they shouldn't. Religion: fucking up the world since Adam rode a dinosaur.

5) I told my dad this weekend re: the Catholic Church pay millions of dollars to defeat the gay marriage thing in Maine that I thought his religion was not only actively harmful to the world, but actually evil, and that if wanted to belong and retain my respect, he really couldn't just be a passive believer anymore, but would have to actually become an activist within his church.
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5 Things Update, Some are Spheres, and Some are Spots Edition

1) Busy weekend: Friday train to boston, bus to Concord NH. Saturday drove to Exeter, picked up Penske truck, drove to Newmarket, unloaded nearly all the contents of my folks' giant storage locker, loaded 50% into penske truck (making it 100% full), and reloaded the rest into the storage locker--me being the only one who could lift much at all, K still being in NJ and my sister being willing to carry the other end of furniture but not boxes of books and suchlike 1-person jobs. Sunday drove from NH to NJ, unloaded the whole truck, and returned it to Penske

2) Scored some great stuff, to wit: a sleeper loveseat, an armchair, a desk, an armoire, a dresser, 3 oriental rugs of varying sizes from small to ridiculous; a set of shelves; a floor lamp; a sidetable; an enormous pub sign showing a White Hart chained; with a crown for a collar; and a coffin.

3) My sister and parents are now at my house, painting as far as I know. Cool! Also, nervous making. They're going to do a ton of work on the place, but it makes me crazy not to be there to approve or deny ideas. Leap of faith!

4) Thinking about starting a gaming blog. Got a lot of edits, playtests, and, potentially, actual games to talk about. Might be a thing. I'm guessing wordpress. In related gaming news, might be joining white wolf and shadowrun games I found on I own piles of whitewolf stuff, ordered a cheapish copy of Shadowrun on Friday. Woot!

5)Got a big project to finish up by Weds for Colonial Gothic, which could be tough with my folks here, and because I have to help K with her evaluations for her flunkies, due by Thursday. And I already have the next Colonial Gothic project to edit, and it's bigger--an actual book this time--the kind that comes out on paper and everything!
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Eating less or throwing up more?

"So, have you been eating less or throwing up more? You look a little leaner."

My trainer to me, in re: the fact that last time we had a session with him, I had to quit halfway through to go throw up, a lot. I think that caused him to catch on to the fact that I could maybe use some VO2 max work, because today we did a ridiculous medley he called "bears." In one continuous set: 20 back squats, 12 overhead presses, 12 rear deadlifts, and 12 standing rows. Oof. We did three sets of this, and then some back extension stuff on the slant board.

Once again, I felt as though I might hurl, but I didn't say anything and stuck it out. It took me about 45 minutes after we finished to not feel like ass, but now I feel good, and sore, and virtuous. Must be more faithful. K was eying the gym's extended plans today, so I know she's on board. Like: buy a 100 pack of training and get your next year's membership for free kind of plans. How we'd pay is beyond me, but...

Oh, and PS, I don't think I'm actually leaner--he was just saying that to make the joke, boo!


K just went home sick from work, with all the fluey signs. Fever, headache, achiness, sore throat, and so on. I just found out, but my sister had this thing last week, missing work weds-fri. In addition to the fact that being sick sucks, K has no more sick days left, and I bet anything her company will actually not pay her for any days she misses. Which is highly annoying, given how many hours of overtime (unpaid) she puts in there. Poor K! She's supposed to buy a thermometer on the way home--we'll see what it says. I too have a scratchy throat, but otherwise feel fine. I'll probably leave a little early today to go take care of K, in any case.